Adventures in Ronaria

A disturbance on the road

Upon closer inspection, the party realizes that this is not a horse, it’s a unicorn. Arrrkbar flies forward ahead of the group, swoops down, and lands a solid blow to the leader of the Ragnokian raiders pursuing the unicorn.

The barbarian drops to the ground then gets trampled by the unicorn, who deals him a serious wound.

Soon Quarlito, Emmereal and Salazar catch up.

The barbarian party attempts to dispose of them, but our heroes prevail. The unicorn, however does not, while two of the raiders escape into the forest.

As the driver and other passengers drag the bodies back to the wagon, the party is tasked with burying the unicorn.

Suspecting that the horn has great value, Quarlito and his half brother Emmereal cut it off.

Later that evening, the group arrives to Tropez and are greeted by Naverdeep Rothman.

Arrrkbar, having no work permit, but possessing a letter of recommendation for his bravery earlier that day, is tasked to janitorial duties for the guards corps stationed in Tropez.


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